About Us

About BME..

BME is a Screw Machine Rebuilder and custom tooling supplier located in southeast Michigan, founded on the principle that quality attachments and accessories for multi spindles can be manufactured and supported right here in our own country. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and exceeding our customer’s expectations.  We provide quality attachments for the screw machine industry through original and innovative design and engineering with proven results. Founded, in 2007, on the principal that quality attachments and accessories can be manufactured and supported right here in our own country, we’ve been maintaining steady growth ever since. We attribute a majority of this growth to our ability to solve the screw machine industries’ challenges, along with our commitment to our customers, meeting their deadlines, and keeping a “Tier 1” credit rating with our suppliers.  Our 15000 square foot facility also contains a variety of CNC manufacturing equipment, that allows us to manufacture a majority of components required to rebuild and retool equipment, on site, thus controlling cost and lead times.  Our staff includes personnel that have a combined 80 plus years of experience in diagnosing, designing, and debugging a variety of solutions to customer’s challenges on screw machines.

Have you ever been told that “you can’t do that on a screw machine”?  Please give us a call before you respond no!

Why BME?

  • Our engineering is unsurpassed, allowing years of experience working on machines and attachments to blend with years of experience in mechanical design.
  • The most advanced software is used to create the systems that meet customer’s requirements to perform the demanding needs of today’s manufacturing.
  • We communicate effectively with our customer, which reduces errors and delivers a better, innovative product faster.
  • Our attachments save our customers money by allowing complete processing, a part that is manufactured completely in one step without a secondary operation allows an unmatched advantage, increasing profits and quality. The less a part is handled, the more cost effective the process!
  • We stand by our product, we won’t sell an attachment that we don’t feel confident will solve the customer’s problem.
  • In most applications, we offer a 30 day trial (except custom components) before invoicing. 
  • Our products are designed and manufactured to have replaceable components, with minimal fitting spacers, for quick replacements.
  • Our products are designed and manufactured to endure heavy loading and usage, hardened and ground components, and utilizing spline drives in place of keys.
  • Our products are domestically manufactured and stocked on our floor, minimizing lead times for both new purchases and replacement parts.