Other Solutions

Since the company’s founding in 2007, we have come across many customer’s looking to solve problems they face with their screw machines that don’t fall within the windows of a catalog.  If there is a challenge your facing, contact us!  We may have already encountered it, or are always willing to collaborate on a solution.  We’ve come up with a low cost solution for providing a High Pressure Coolant package, that has been used in coolant thru rotary recess projects, along with providing high pressure coolant thru a pickoff attachment, replacing the existing “air” blow out, eliminating chip issues in the pickoff collet.  A decent portion of our product line didn’t exist at one time, and was created to suit a customer’s challenge. 


High Pressure Coolant Package       Sync Collet Tube Conversation (for Hex Stock)     

Existing Acme Style Stationary Recess Upgrade